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Our services: Help for Buyers of All Kinds

We understand that every client has different needs. Some of you may be fluent Italian speakers, some may even have bought property in Sicily before. For these experienced investors we offer a no-frills package with the essential services, at a great price.

Others of you may love the idea of owning a beach house in the Mediterranean but be a little daunted by the logistics. Perhaps you are buying to renovate, and worried by complicated local planning laws. Or maybe you are planning to let your new home for holidaymakers to cover the rent when you’re not there yourself? Italy can be a confusing place to run a business.

Whether you want a comprehensive property management service or just the reassurance of a helping hand to get all the practicalities sorted, at Property in Sicily we want to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible.

Here’s an overview of the service packages we offer:


Perfect help for buyers who has a good sense of what they want, but wants local expertise and a reliable source of impartial advice.

This package includes:

✔︎ Help finding the perfect property for you

✔︎ Due diligence on the real estate – obviously you don’t want any surprises once you’ve bought your property, so we’ll thoroughly check its paperwork to make sure the ownership and legal history is in order and that what’s been build corresponds to the blueprints. If you are buying land for development we can check the legal status of the property. We will do a lot of the work that would be performed by a surveyor or solicitor in other countries (see below).

✔︎ A comprehensive estimate of all the costs, both those you’ll incur during the purchase and extras that will come up later (including competitive quotes for renovation work and building costs)

✔︎ Access to our extensive local network of trusted professionals. This includes engineers, architects, designers, lawyers and financial advisers) available to give you the advice you need. All will be vetted by us, most have collaborated with our clients in the past and in many cases we can even find someone who speaks your language.

✔︎ Selection of a dependable and experienced Notary – aside from choosing a property, choosing a notary is probably the most important decision you will take when buying a property in Sicily (see below). We can help make sure you get it right.

✔︎ We will get you an Italian Codice Fiscale – this is the tax code that you’ll need to buy any property in Italy. We can help you get it, even from overseas if needed.

Price: 4% of the listed selling price + VAT (min € 4.000 + VAT)


Foodies have the Michelin Guide, football clubs have their talent scouts… you have us! If you’ve found a property (from any source, including other websites or agencies) and can’t get over to see it in person, you will want an appraisal that you will trust. We will make an appointment to view the property on your behalf, and check it out with a local eye. Within 48 hours you will have a comprehensive evaluation of the site, including photos, a registry check and our impartial thoughts on the asking price. Invaluable help for buyers who are based overseas.

This service includes:

✔︎ A personal visit to the property by one of our agents

✔︎ An extensive set of photographs

✔︎ Virtual tour (on request)

✔︎ Drone recording (on request)

✔︎ Land Registry check

✔︎ Detailed written report on the property, the surrounding area and its potential

Price: from € 350,-  + VAT


Ideal for a first-time buyer in Italy. This is the friendly, arm-around-the-shoulder guide to all the things you never realised could be so complicated.

Buying a property in Sicily can be a complicated business, but the red tape doesn’t end when you collect the keys. We have helped countless friends and clients get into the swing of Italian life, and guarantee that if you’re moving to Sicily for the first time, this package will not only save you time and money, but a few grey hairs too!

We will take care of all of these practical matters for you, meaning you will only need to supply us with information and, where, needed, signatures. Your fee for this package will cover all charges, making it a smart financial move as well as a practical one.

This package includes:

✔︎ Italian mobile SIM card – get connected at a good value tariff, no hassles

✔︎ Registering with your new Municipality – including the TARI Register (for council tax purposes)

✔︎ An introductory meeting with a local English speaking tax consultant – who will help you stay up-to-date with all your financial affairs

✔︎ An introductory meeting with a local English speaking insurance advisor – ready to help you get the coverage you need

✔︎ Getting your water connected – whether this be a transfer of contract or a new provision

✔︎ Getting your electricity connected – whether this be a transfer of contract or a new provision

✔︎ Getting your gas connected – whether this be a transfer of contract or a new provision

✔︎ Getting you online – making sure your new home is served by high speed and fairly-priced internet

Price: € 700,-  + VAT


There are so many great reasons to buy cheap property in Sicily and renovate your way to the holiday home you always wanted, and some ambitious types amongst you will even want to build your own home from scratch here.

However, project management on this scale can be challenging and time-consuming, and it hardly needs saying that a local voice in your corner can go a long way when dealing with tradespeople and local bureaucracy alike.

With the Construction and Renovation Management package, your Property in Sicily representative will treat your project as if it were their own.

This package includes:

✔︎ Building a team of professionals – from our wealth of local contacts (engineers, architects, designer, energy advisor, construction company, tax advisor etc)

✔︎ Negotiating fair and local prices – on work and materials

✔︎ Helping you secure all the relevant tax breaks and building subsidies on offer in Sicily

✔︎ Make sure all the parts involved work efficiently and well

✔︎ Troubleshooting

✔︎ Regular reports – stay up to the minute with the progress of the project, including photos and videos on request

✔︎ Quality control – giving you confidence that the project will be finished just as it was planned

€ 3000,-  + VAT (for projects under € 100,000)

€ 5000 + VAT (for projects under €300,000)


If you are buying property in Sicily but not relocating here full-time, you will love our Property Manager package. This offers help for buyers who want to protect their investment, and renews annually.

Your designated Property Manager from our friendly team will be a way for you to stay in touch with your new house. They will visit regularly, checking for early signs of problems with humidity, utilities and the structure. Think of the savings represented by catching these things early rather than after nine months away!

We’ll also establish and maintain good relations with your neighbours, giving you the peace of mind that your Sicilian home is safe all year round.

This package includes:

✔︎ Ongoing customer care – we’re here to help whenever you need, big or small

✔︎ A visit to your property every 15 days – whenever no-one is staying there. Just let us know…

✔︎ Regular reports – on the condition of the property

✔︎ Managing maintenance work – whether it be as simple as a mown lawn or as urgent as a leaking pipe, we’ll take care of it

✔︎ Cleaning – when you visit your place in the sun, the last thing you want to spend your first day doing is dusting, cleaning and airing the place out. We can make sure you always find your holiday home spotless!

✔︎ Bill Payments – no more confusing emails from utility companies to translate, or worries that your payment didn’t go through

Price: € 900,-  + VAT per year